Why Choose Levco Services?

As a small company, Levco Services operates with a boutique style approach, only serving a small pool of clients. This allows us to cater to each account with utmost focus and attention, hence providing better customer service.


Compared to big companies Levco Services can tailor make its work according to each client’s needs.

Long-term relationship

Levco Services aims to provide professional and experienced teams to its clients from their first ventures into Asia up until opening a full fledged operation.

Direct communication

Thanks to the lean organisation, clients usually directly deal with our CEO who personally handles cases. This saves time, money, and risks caused by delay or ambiguity.

30 years of experience doing business in Asia

We are recognised in the region for being well-versed when it comes to alleviating our clients’ burdens & avoiding common mistakes.


  • A dynamic team of professionals with a vast array of multicultural backgrounds to deal with the cultural differences found in cross-cultural business interactions
  • Years of experience providing third party services to retailers on all levels of the supply chain
  • Risk management – communication, technology, logistics, quality control, finance, legal
  • In-house IT system up to date with the latest technology. and allows for us to build systems that cater to providing the highest levels of quality service for our customers
  • Minimized Costs associated with:
    • Infrastructure
    • Licensing
    • Taxes
    • Capital
  • In depth knowledge of local labor laws, legalities, language and culture associated with doing business in the Asia Pacific region
  • Accelerated learning curve
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Immediate access to the 5 key sourcing locations within the major manufacturing areas

Levco services is committed to:

  • Providing consistent and superior service
  • Helping our clients build their brands in our regions
  • Providing logistical coverage where needed
  • Offering up-to-date technological support with our in-house IT capabilities
  • Educating, implementing, and prioritizing the “just-on-time delivery” concept
  • Staying flexible to our customers’ ever changing needs
  • The eventual transfer of the entire infrastructure and team to our clients

Clients our group has worked with